A Question of Double Standards

What do women want - a question that has been asked for so many times but never truly answered? But, when it comes to fashion magazines, we're usually really specific aren't we: we want them to stop Photoshopping images. We want to see REAL women in all their glory, not unrealistically skinny models wearing tons of makeup. We don't want to be judged or labeled by the way we look, dress or wear our hair.

Yet, Prada's recent Instagram campaign for their new Prada Ultravox Sunglasses made us ask ourselves the question "Are we really ready for what we want? Are women their own worst enemy when it comes to body image?".

Namely, as a complete contrast to their usual posts that are all about luxury and perfection, this time Prada surprised us by posting photos that are all but. The models wore no makeup and didn't have their hair styled: the posts simply showed two girls, enjoying the sunlight, wearing Prada's new sunglasses. And while the picture did get some praise, we were also pretty surprised by some body-shaming comments written by other women.


Prada Instagram Campaign UltraVox Sunglasses

Prada Ultravox Instagram Campaign

 "She ruined the shades". "She looks like an alien". "The hair needs some conditioner or a wig, sorry". "Find hotter models". "Her ears are too big."

Are we ready to embrace the natural? Should models represent an unrealistic image that we pursue or the reality? Are we ready for not-so-perfect Instagram shots?

Maybe it's finally time to learn to love ourselves and our bodies, and especially to stop judging others for doing so. Congratulations to Prada for this bold move - we love the sunglasses and enjoyed these photographs. A real "refreshment" from what we're used to that made us question even our own thoughts and reactions. Bravo!

What do you think? Should other luxury brands follow Prada's example? Share your thoughts in the comments below :)

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  • Natural is what needs to be shown more. Especially nowadays with young girls trying to look older than they are. Embrace your natural beauty! I have no problem with makeup or anything, it’s just that it would be nice if people didn’t have to get “ready” to feel good. Great post & Best wishes!


  • I AM READY!!! To be honest whether society as a whole is ready to embrace realness and our flaws, I still think brands need to continue to push images like this. There is so much saturation of these “perfect” men and women that are photoshopped and pretty much an unobtainable “goal” … we need to see people we can relate to in order to have a healthier relationship with ourselves and others so bring it on!! Props to Prada for this! Great post btw hun X

  • I think Prada’s move is a nice one. We need to learn to love ourselves and appreciate our bodies!

    Naomi Destiny
  • These are super cute!

  • Hey! I really enjoyed the article! I lately started a fashion blog myself and I also edit the photos. Because I want every photo to be art first and second show the outfit, I want everything to be really pretty. But sometimes I ask myself, where is the edge? Did I go too far? Well, it is mostly the colours what I alter, I don’t make myself thinner or something… And I like to look only the fashion blogs with artsy photos. Edited, chosen and posed in a beautiful way. I see it as an art or not art, but, well at the same time I also want things to be more real, less photoshop in magazines. Real living people, like myself… So, yes, double standards, I so understand.



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